Bangalore To Delhi Train Rajdhani Express Ticket Price

Rajdhani Express Bangalore To Delhi Ticket Price & Booking: Bangalore City Junction (SBC) to Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM) Rajdhani Express (22691) is an important train connecting Bangalore to Delhi which was started in 1992. Pantry car is also available in this train along with 3AC, 2AC and 1AC. In this train, the fare for 3AC class is Rs 4245, the fare for 2AC class is Rs 5840 and the fare for 1AC class is Rs 7300. By this train, you can reach Bengaluru to New Delhi in 33 hours 30 minutes.
However, if you want detailed information about the fare of this train, you can see the table below or contact the given mobile number.

Rajdhani Express Bangalore to Hazrat Nizamuddin Ticket Fare

Radhani Express (22691) train is the second fastest train from Bengaluru to Hazrat Nizamuddin Delhi. This train departs from Bengaluru Cantt at 10 pm and reaches New Delhi at 5:30 am via stations like Secunderabad, Nagpur, Itarsi, Agra Cantt, etc. The fare of this train is given in detail in the table below. If you want to book the ticket in Radhani Express (22691) then contact Saroj Travels.

Rajdhani Express (22691) SBC-NZM Ticket Fare
Coch Type General Fare Tatkal Fare
3A - THIRD AC ₹ 4245 ₹ 4485
2A - SECOND AC ₹ 5840 ₹ 6195
1A - FIRST AC ₹ 7300 Not Available

Hazrat Nizamuddin – KSR Bengaluru Rajdhani Express Fare

Rajdhani Express (22692) leaves Hazrat Nizamuddin daily from Delhi to Bengaluru. The Delhi to Bengaluru ticket fares for 3AC, 2AC, and 1AC class are Rs 4245, Rs 5840, and Rs 7300 respectively. If you would like to get the ticket for this train sitting at home without any hassle then contact Saroj Travels. Please take a look at the detailed Rajdhani Express (22692) ticket price in the fare table below.

Rajdhani Express (22692) NZM-SBC Ticket Fare
Coch Type General Fare Tatkal Fare
3A - THIRD AC ₹ 4245 ₹ 4485
2A - SECOND AC ₹ 5840 ₹ 6195
1A - FIRST AC ₹ 7300 Not Available

FAQs on Rajdhani Express (22691/226692)

However, various types of information about KSR Bengaluru-Hazrat Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express are given in the above section. In this section, we have given FAQs for travelers.

Secunderabad to New Delhi 22691-Rajdhani Express fare is Rs 3420, Rs 4670, and Rs 5830 for 3rd AC, 2nd AC, and 1st AC classes respectively. If you buy a Tatkal ticket then the ticket price may be higher.

Rajdhani Express (22691) has a speed of 74 km/h and reaches from Bangalore to New Delhi in 33hr 30min.

Yes, Rajdhani Express(22692) departs from New Delhi at 7:50 am, seven days a week. And reaches Bengaluru at 5:20 am via stations like Agra cant, Gwalior, Bhopal, Secunderabad, etc.

Rajdhani Express (22692) departs from Secunderabad station at 5:25 am and reaches Bangalore station at 5:25 am via Raichur, Guntakal.

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